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   Crash!  Boom!  Bang! is a newsletter dedicated to the current topics facing prosecutors and law enforcement officers.



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    Crash!  Boom!  Bang!  November, 2007:  Recommended changes to the DUI law;  and Top ten list for effective ways to prosecute a DUI case.

    Crash!  Boom!  Bang!  Febrary, 2008STATE EX REL. BAKER v. BOLYARD;  and Ingnition Interlocks.

    Crash!  Boom!  Bang!  May, 2008:  DUI law amended; America's seat belt campaign: Click It or Ticket and WV seat belt usage rate secures $5 million grant.

    Crash!  Boom!  Bang!  September, 2008:  DUI deaths rise in WV;  Government Accountability Office faults Prosecutors for weak DUI prosecutions;  Issues Prosecutors are facing in DUI cases in other parts of the ountry;  and Drowsy driving.

    Crash!  Boom!  Bang!  April, 2009:  HIPPA;  and sample HIPPA order.

    Crash!  Boom!  Bang!  May, 2009Arizona v. Gant.

    Crash!  Boom!  Bang!
  February, 2010:  WV Supreme Court changes Roadblock law; State v. SiglerState v. Mullens;  and a model Checkpoint Policy.

    Crash!  Boom!  Bang!  April, 2010:  DUI Deferral Law:  and New study shows more women are driving under the influence.

    Crash!  Boom!  Bang!   June, 2012:   State v. Stone

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